Stag and Doe Games

Name of Game: Pass the Carrot
Ideal Number of Participants: 20+
Age Suitability: 19+
Equipment: Bag of carrots, Knife
Type of Game: Stag and Doe party game/ Jack & Jill party game
Description: Divide the participants into equal sized teams and instruct them to line up in  single file. Pick a long carrot and give it to the first person in line for the team. Each person has to pass the carrot to the person beside them…between their knees. Every time someone drops the carrot the leader cuts off an inch or so
Objectives: To get people laughing and having fun.
Leadership Suggestions: It is good to encourage competition between teams as the quicker they go the more apt the carrot is to fall. The game becomes super funny and very challenging when the carrot is very small.
Safety Measures: Make sure that people are not intoxicated if participating, they should be able to hold a conversation.
Problem Areas/Recommendations: Play this game near the beginning of the evening when alcoholic beverages have been consumed but no one is falling over. People at the end of the line may get bored. You could make them form a circle so that everyone can see the carrot being passed amongst fellow players. Also, it is possible that the carrot is too long resulting in no one dropping it. Experiment to find the "desired" length to make the game fun.

Name of Game: Suck for a Buck
Ideal Number of Participants: 10+
Age Suitability: 19+
Equipment: Created T-shirt & Desired Candy, needle and tread (if sewing the candy on)
Type of Game: Stag and Doe party game/ Jack & Jill or Bachelorette party game
Description: Create a T-shirt with words "Suck for a Buck" across the chest. Sew or lick and stick lifesavers or any other desired candy throughout the shirt in "strategic" locations. During the night of the party solicit men/boys/victims to pay to suck off one of the lifesavers
Objective: To make some money for the bride and groom to be
Leadership Suggestions: Purchase a candy necklace and have the males pay to bite a candy off.
Safety Measures: Take care of your bachelorette, she will probably be consuming large amounts of alcohol in order for her to let you put this shirt on her. When soliciting the men to purchase candy off the shirt, ensure to make sure they understand they are to bite off the candy and watch for a choking hazard. Problem Areas/Recommendations: Make sure to bring another shirt for the bachelorette so she can change, in case the shirt rips or something gets spilled on it.

Name of Game: I've Got To Go
Age: 16+
Number of Participants: 12+
Equipment: One chair
Game Type: Passive
Description: Three participants that do not know how to play the game are selected and are taken out of the room. The other participants sit in a semi-circle around the chair.  They are told that each of the three participants will enter one at a time and show us how they go to the bathroom.  At the same time, outside the room, the three participants are each given a role to play.  One will be a motorcycle rider, the second will be a fire fighter, and the third will be a person talking into a well.  The fun of the game is that each of the three participants thinks that everyone is laughing at them acting out their role, while everyone else thinks that they are showing us how they go to the bathroom.  In the end the three participants tell everyone else what they were doing and the leader tells the three participants what everyone else thought they were doing.
Objectives: To have fun and to be entertaining
Leadership Suggestions: Make sure that if the people know how to play the game they don't tell anyone else. Safety: Keep the acting out skits clean and non-offensive
Problem Areas: Make sure to pick students who are willing to do anything.

Name of Game: Plunger Sex
Age: 10+
Number of Participants: 12+
Equipment: Plungers and rolls of toilet paper
Game Type: Active, relay, stag and doe/ Jack and Jill game
Description: Everyone chooses a partner, then the partners are placed into teams of eight (i.e. four couples on one team). Partners stand at opposite ends of the room and teams are lined up in relay formation. The plunger is placed between the legs of one partner (stick the pointing end forward), while the other partner places the roll of toilet paper between their legs.  When the game starts, the partners run towards each other while trying to keep the objects between their legs.  The object is to place the roll of toilet paper onto the stick end of the plunger without using your hands when the partners meet at the centerline.
Objectives: To have fun and to work together with your partner to complete the task.
Leadership Suggestions: Partner up male/female or with someone you feel very comfortable with.
Safety: Watch you don't stick anyone with the plunger.
Problem Areas: This game is appropriate for certain ages.

Name of the Game: Dance Relay
Age: 5+
# of Participants: 8+
Equipment: Lines on the floor so they know when to change moves, pylons would also work; Also a mat for any floor break dancing moves if the floor is hard.
Game Type: Active, relay
Description: Plan a dance routine that is linear. Divide the group into 2 or more teams, 4 or more people on each team.  Explain the routine (a demonstration is also helpful).  The first person in each line does the routine (for example, running man to the cone, Roger Rabbit around the cone, Moonwalk to the next cone, Stayin Alive to the mat, do a worm on the mat, and run back to touch the next person in line so they can go).  Play music as the relay is happening.
Objectives: To have fun and to be the first team to finish the relay having performed the dance moves well.
Leadership Suggestions: This can be done with any age providing the music is appropriate.
Safety: Mats if the moves are on a hard floor.
Problem Areas: Everyone must perform the dance moves well, they shouldn't care if they look silly.